Lip Lift

LipLiftExFrontalAfter-250x300LipLiftExFrontalAfter-250x300   There is minimal scarring

Lip Lift

Lip Lift.

Elle the face overall looks great but the eyes look a bit tight and lifeless



Lip Lift

. I am interested in all sorts of anti ageing ideas and cosmetic procedures experiences good or bad. I have just turned 51 but i still feel 31 and unfortunately I look 61. 

My obsession at the moment is lip lifts. I have always had a mouth with no teeth show so it looks like  have no teeth and consequently I look old . I always assumed I would have a filler put in too make my mouth fuller and that would be the answer. But after a bit of research I have found that trying to correct this toothless appearance by putting in fillers results in the dastardly duck lips..or trout pout.

So now I am eager to have anyone out there be it patient or doctor to share the experience, post photos talk costs compare doctors. It doesn’t just have to be solely about.lip lifts any stories about any procedures are welcome as lips aren’t my only problem. There is also marionette lines, naso labial folds, lines. down turned mouth corners, brow lifts etc. You know the drill.

I want to know how to make my eyes look less tired but I don’t want to turn them into raisins like Elle McPhersonImage

.I know she looks fantastic, but they are not her real eyes , they are now too tight and small. it worries me when people with that amount money get bad plastic surgery. 

i am also interested in product reviews or tips that you may have and I will also share some with you. but only if they truly work. No advertorialds please.

By the way I am from Australia,. So doctors from Australia please feel free to add your two cents worth especially if you do good lip lifts , post links whatever, but overseas contributers are welcome to. And your expertise or experiences are just as valuable

.So join me in my search for the perfect doctor , perfect lip lift and raise a glass to the many more procedures to come




elle “raisin eyes’ McPherson


Hello world!

Hi,welcome to cosmetic Surgery updates.I have created this blog in the hopes that readers will share their
good and bad experiences with plastic surgery and other procedures, rather than look at before and after galleries that have been photo shopped.

I am interested in products or procedures you have used successfully or not, not recommendations from the people who have a vested interest in selling it to us.

Feel free to post photos,name names tell us about products you have used that actually do what they claim.Tell us about the rubbish ones so we don’t waste any more of our money@!#If you are aplastic surgeon reading this give us your professional opinion

Looking forward to your contributions and here is your first assignment.

I have little lines going down at the corner of each mouth making me look sad or cranky.What wouldyou suggest to fix this?

The floor is yours.

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